Key Benefits of Keeping a Mindfulness Journal

Key Benefits of Keeping a Mindfulness Journal

Spiritual guides and mental health experts from all over the world have been putting more emphasis on mindfulness. There are huge benefits of practicing mindfulness, but not many people are aware of them. You can practice mindfulness daily and for this reason, you need a mindfulness journal.

To bring the concept of mindfulness down to earth, you need to understand what a mindfulness journey is and what it can potentially do.


The power of writing cannot be underestimated. Anyone who adopts this craft experiences tremendous healing whether consciously or unconsciously. For instance, people who write about emotional and traumatic experiences are able to enhance their abilities to accept the past, organize their fragmented memories, and release negative thoughts.

With a cathartic practice, you can effectively release any emotional baggage you may be dragging around thereby giving you relief and freedom.


A mindfulness journal helps you to recount the good things that have happened to you. Taking account of such things is extremely important because it helps you to appreciate life and lower your anxiety levels.

The busy lifestyles we have make it extremely difficult to absorb and celebrate positive experiences on a day-to-day basis. Most of the experiences end up being forgotten and researchers have established that writing things you are grateful for gives you a high level of satisfaction.

Decision Making

It is true that we do not know what we exactly feel until we pen it down. Writing out the various options people have, helps them explore the alternatives on the table. If you write your options and go a step further to making a decision, you will be more confident and less biased.

Therefore, if you are looking for clarity and assurance, think about writing down the tough options you have because this can help you make the right decisions.


A mindfulness journal has a direct impact on the behavior of your brain. People who meditate and those who do not, have literal differences in the structure of their brains. Artistic activities including writing can put you in a theta brainwave state. This state is associated with mediation and can help you rewire your brain.

With a calmer brain, you can sober up and be less reactive even when subjected to stressful situations. With this, your ability to make good decisions can be significantly improved. You may not necessarily notice the benefits of mindfulness, but people around you will do.

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