Happy Clients


Ghizlan’s Experience:

Hiba has been instrumental in my journey of mindfulness, spirituality and soul healing. Her ability to help you unlock your potential as a human and elevate your consciousness to the next level is incredible. As a business leader with daily challenges across various areas of life, Hiba has become an integral part of my self-care support system. She is truly gifted and my experience with her has been transformative.

Ghizlan Guenaz– Dubai, United Arab Emirates
(Entrepreneur - CEO Of The Modist.com )


Nada’s Experience:

I couldn’t be more grateful for the work that Hiba has done with me. I felt the difference from the first session I had. It was like a heavy load was lifted off my chest and I was given a sense of clarity. Through her, I was able to learn how to regain control of my life and mind, it wasn’t long until I started manifesting abundance and the things I wanted in life bringing me closer to my goals. It’s been only 2 months and I feel lighter, happier and overflowing with self love.

Nada Pascal Mattar– Dubai, United Arab Emirates
(Calisthenics Athlete and Coach)


Khaled’s Experience:

I will never forget how after I just dumped everything that I knew about my purpose and my vision, you just drew a line on that piece of paper and said “Khaled, it seems that your purpose is about to connect and your vision is to help make people connect and your talent or skill or whatever we call it.” Whatever that was, it was amazing to simplify what I wanted to say. It helped me a lot. I want to thank you for your talent or skill, who you are and how you show up."

Khaled Ghorab – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
(Relationship Architect and Business Coach)


Nada’s Experience:

As Hiba's business partner; I consider myself lucky to have gotten to know her in a daily context where she continues to expose me to life-changing concepts and a new world of perspectives that I wouldn’t have understood on my own. The value that she adds to my mental wellbeing is addictive; and now her coaching sessions are a crucial part of my growth as an entrepreneur, while I strive to grow my business and allow abundance in my life. Every session is an eye-opener!

Nada Quershi– Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Entrepreneur - ShTO Of The Startup Factory)


Aishah’s Experience:

Hiba helped me get over my depression and anxiety, and heal all the pain I was going through. She taught me how to love myself, take care of myself, and believe in myself. She helped me clear many of my negative beliefs and had replaced them with positive codes which made me grow and find myself in life again.
I learned how to see good and find positivity in every situation in life. No matter what happens, I need to focus on finding the good to improve myself, and just take all the bad and throw it in the trash can.
After meeting Hiba life became bright, clam, and I found the peace of mind I was always looking for.

Aishah Al Hefitti - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Hala’s Experience:

Hiba is a very real and authentic person! She is full of energy and good vibes. I first knew of Hiba when I attended her workshop which was LIFE CHANGING in both career and personality. I then decided to try out the coaching session which was a GREAT DECISION. She has helped me enjoy my journey towards happiness and inner peace. I am so grateful for all the tools that Hiba taught me which add value to my life every single day. I have even bought the Focus Journal and boy it is a game-changer! P.S One of my fav things about her is that she has never pushed or advertised her sessions or products which is something I highly appreciate. I have already recommended her to many of my friends and everyone I come across that is looking for some guidance in their life.

Hala Bassam, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Head Of Content and Business Development -BankOnUs)


Gabby’s Experience:

I initially came across Hiba through the power of social media and became part of her life changers group which ultimately helped me change the course of my current path. I signed up for a months worth of sessions with her and to say it helped me, would be the understatement of the year. She helped me identify some key ares in my life which had been neglected for many years and she helped shift some patterns of mine that I will forever be grateful for. If you are looking for a psychologist that is a do-er rather than a talker, then Hiba is your woman.

Gabby Khaled– Dubai, United Arab Emirates
(Brand Manager -Arabian Radio Network )

I started working with Hiba at a time in my life when I was desperately in need of guidance and support. After just my first session with her, I felt a deep sense of calmness and positive energy. Hiba straight away attacks the root cause of the issue, and fixes it. She’s a motivator when you need her to be, a healer when you need her to be, a fantastic coach, a great mentor and overall an amazing and inspiring human being!
— Khushbu Khubchandani

Taniya’s Experience:

Hiba’s has helped me clear my a lot of limitings beliefs that I did not even know I had. It has transformed me. She showed me that everything in life has to do with self-love. The healing sessions also took away my pain in the joints in no time - better than medicines. Hiba’s is so chill and makes you feel super comfortable. Her technique is awesome and I am inspired to learn it myself.

Taniya Khanwani - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
( Student & Intern at Namshi)

Hiba is super motivating; she drives people to make a change within themselves at a really quick pace. No matter what time of the day it is, she is always there to coach and support.
— Taronisha Dastur

Sameera’s Experience:

When I was added to Hiba’s Coaching Group, I was all heart eyes at all the valuable information shared. Not only are you given all these resources, you’re challenged! Nothing is better than being held accountable when wanting to improve and Hiba has provided that place for us members. If the little fire emoji is enough to get my excited in this group message, best believe I’m inspired to do the unachievable.

Sameera Durani, United States of America

Hiba changed my life. Her “No Bullshit” yet super compassionate style made me open up and get inspired to change my old story and live life on NEW terms. Hiba cares beyond the hour you are with her. She remembered I had a big pitch at work a week after our session, and contacted me on the day to see how it went. That’s what the other therapist in the world are missing- “Actually Caring!” Hiba, I love you. You changed my life.
— Hope Kafishan
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Dima’s Experience:

Authentic and sincere. That’s how I would describe Hiba. I didn’t know what to expect when I first met her and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Sessions with Hiba have had a great impact on my life. She helped me find my voice and peace. Most importantly, the power to believe in myself and unleash my potential. I could go on and on about how amazing she is, but I’ll just say book a session with Hiba and watch how your life will change.

Dima Youssef, Dubai United Arab Emirates
(Professor at Canadian University of Dubai)

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Brandon’s Experience::

Hiba helped show me I am more than enough. She helped me realize how in control of my self worth I am. I also came to her in a time when financially I was in a difficult position. Through her healing, I have attracted IMMENSE abundance into my life in all areas including financially. Fast forward to 4 months after my healing session with her, I am financially in the best position of my life.

Brandon M. Florida, United State of America
(Real Estate Agent -J Alexander Real Estate Group)


Menwa’s Experience:

I always read about that meditation can help heal.
When I heard about Hibas’ technique; I was eager to try it. I can truly say that I felt the impact from the first session. The change was sensed from within me; I felt this sense of being relieved. At some point, I saw a positive change in others due to a positive change in me. If that isn’t “the real change” , then I don’t know what is.
Thanks For everything Hiba!!

Menwa Dukhan, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Dr. Alex’s Experience:

I never ever imagined myself getting any form of life coaching. EVER! Six months ago I believed that I already knew the sources of all my problems and I believed that I knew how to fix them. Working with Hiba has taught me so much about myself, about my environment, about my family and friends. The problems that I was trying to solve for years slowly started to resolve on their own. My most profound realization was that all my limiting beliefs were self-created. With Hiba’s help we removed these BS-limiting beliefs and so many opportunities and options have started to present themselves to me. My husband and even my co-workers noticed the huge change in me.

Dr. Alex Zash– Dubai, United Arab Emirates
(Chiropractor - Diversified Integrated Sports Clinic)

Oday (Natalia Shoot) 21-03-20170012_pp.jpg

Oday’s Experience:

After just one 45 minutes session with Hiba, she managed to show me how I was overthinking EVERYTHING!
Hiba, You gave me a kick in the butt and inspired me to create more content than I ever did! You inspired me to push my boundaries and double my yearly income for the year! THANK YOU"

Oday Zaher– Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Entrepreneur - CEO Of TheChartist.com )

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Nadine’s Experience:

I wasn't a firm believer in theta healing until I tried it myself. After only a few sessions at tackling my limiting beliefs I noticed a significant change in my outlook on life & just the way I was as a person. Alot of my family members and friends could see a difference in me. I would definitely recommend theta as a method of healing and letting go of the beliefs that hold us back in life. Couldn't have asked more from Hiba! She truly has a gift at making you feel better.

Nadine Al Maskari– Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Executive Assistant to CEO - Mubadala)


Hala’s Experience:

Some moments in life are great and others are the ones we don’t talk about. The bad times. The memories we lock up in an invisible room and hope they go away. Hiba knocked on the doors of every locked up room and allowed me to revisit the hardest parts of my past with the brightest flashlight she could find. I am forever in awe of her. If you haven’t met her, I promise you she is far from ordinary. A modern day Wonderwoman.

Hala, Dubai United Arab Emirates


Joseph’s Experience:

My life was nothing but a chaotic mess. I was overweight, living in self-denial and devoid of quality social relationships. When I started following Hiba's posts on Keto, my life was transformed. Thanks to Hiba, I am now a coach to my family and colleagues on positive and healthy living.

Joseph Jacobsen, United States of America