How to Live the Life of an Achiever

Each one of us has a passion and a desire burning inside them to achieve something specific and unique.

This is something you often think about when going to school, when leaving for work, or when taking a stroll in the park. It is there at the back of your mind probing your thoughts and challenging your very existence. Some people call this a dream.

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Tops Ways How Meditation Can Enhance Your Life

Meditation is quite simple because all you need is a quiet place where you can sit down, focus your mind as you turn your attention inward.

In your day-to-day life, the mind constantly processes lots of visual impressions, a barrage of sensations, thoughts, and emotions. Meditation narrows your focus and limits the stimuli that bombards your nervous system.

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Motivating Yourself to Achieve Goals

According to Henry Ford, obstacles are the frightful things that your eyes see when you take them off your goal.

The greatest challenge to meeting any goal in life whether changing a habit, working out, or waking up early is the motivation you need to stick with it.

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Habits that Make You Live a Purposeful Life

Each one of us desires to live a successful and meaningful life. To most people, this is a journey whose end cannot be reached while to some successful living should be more of a destination.

Whatever the side of the divide you are, living a purposeful life comes from a mastery of some of the habits already embodied by successful people around you.

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Barriers to Communication and How to Overcome Them

Communication is an important interchange that happens either at a group or one-to-one level. There are theories that explain the fundamentals of communication and what should happen for it to be effective.

The basic structure involves a sender on one end and a receiver on the other with a channel in between to facilitate the transition.

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Keys to Finding Your Inner Happiness

Reviews from research in psychology and related fields indicate that paths to happiness differ from one person to another.

However, there is sufficient evidence to link specific attributes or behaviors to happiness. In fact, there is a strong positive impact these keys have on the well-being and happiness of people.

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Enhancing Your Productivity in the Workplace

Looking around your workplace, you are likely to spot a few of your colleagues lousing and being unproductive at least for one or two hours in a day.

Studies upon studies have been done by management consultants and other authoritative figures in this field. Despite the variations in outcomes, a number of things stick out as the major causes of reduced productivity.

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Self-Leadership -The Best Approach to Leading Others

Leadership is a journey and most of the time on a lonely road. To keep yourself motivated, inspired, and energized, you need to lead yourself with your devotion, purpose, and heart.

You will be surprised to learn that the greatest truths do not lie in the study of planets and stars, but rather lie deep within us in the complexity and magnificence of our mind, heart, and soul.

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