A Positive Mindset and How It Can Help You Achieve Your Goals


Any person who wants to get ahead or simply move from the place they are to the next stage in their life, they should set goals. This is the beginning step of the journey. What goals give you is the direction and purpose. A research done revealed that only 3% of adults write down their goals.

Without writing goals, the probability of you reaching your desired destination is almost non-existent. This is probably one of the main reasons why people fail in their personal and career lives. That said, setting a goal is not enough. You have to be consistent and keep at it until you achieve it.

“All who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, have fixed their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible.” – Orison Swett Marden

Without a positive mindset, you will find yourself struggling to push through life as you chase your goals. In all situations that come to you, a positive mindset isolates the pluses and enables you to visualize your goals and how to attain them.

Understanding Your Purpose

Before you do anything, the first step to creating a positive mindset is to figure out why you need it in the first place. This is what the goal-setting process is all about.


Developing Your Goals

As earlier alluded to, your goals determine the direction you take. For this reason, your goals should be specific and measurable. For instance, if you want to save $1 million by 2020, you will know how much you need to save now to get to this point in the future.

The interesting features of this goal are the exact date and amount. This will give you something to look forward to and work towards. It tells you the much that you need and when you need it.

Your goal must capture exactly what you are after. Do not bother thinking about your capabilities or what others may want from you. If it is not what you want, you will lose steam midway and the process will come to an eventual collapse. The SMART strategy always wins!

Why Did You Pick on Certain Goals?

A goal on paper without substantiation is good as no goal at all. Ask yourself why you want to pursue that specific goal. It could be weight loss, saving goal, or any other that inspires you. Do not confuse the why with your goal. The why simply underlines the reason why you should pursue your goal.

A goal without any depth lacks purpose. In the beginning, you may see it as fun, but as time goes on, the emotional attachment lessens as you slowly lose interest. For instance, if your goal is wealth building, your why should be something like helping people through their different challenges.

Make the Right Decision

Armed with your goal on one hand and your why on the other, it is time to make a decision. Even before coming up with a plan, it is important to make that decision to chase your goals. This is the crunch time and most people get stuck here to the point of giving up.

Through a barrage of excuses, you slowly begin to talk yourself out of it. Below are some of the common excuses people give for their indecision.

  • It’s not the Perfect Time - There is no perfect time to pursue your goals. People always give this excuse because they are not ready to jump in. At some point, you have to stop, take the risk and move on.
  • What Others Think - When you decide to pursue your goals, the fear of judgment is enormous. A lot of people are affected by this even though no one really cares much what you do. No one is interested in monitoring your activities.
  • The possibility of Failure – Most people don’t try because they are afraid to fail. In whichever way, the greatest failure is not trying at all.

Developing Your Plan

This is the final stage in your goal development process. You need to break your goal into smaller bits and allocate time. This helps you to know what you need to do on a day-to-day basis to reach your goal. Your to-do list which can be a challenge at times will now make more sense, become a lot easier and quicker to develop.

The attainability of your goal will also be within your domain. You may be surprised that your daily task towards that $1 million mark in 2020 is simply doing a blog post today. Your plan creates the foundation and the framework to guide your progress.

Creating a Positive Mindset

This is the engine that will push your goals to success. Two main factors come to play whenever you think about a positive mindset. The first one is your mind and the second your physical environment. Whether you acknowledge it or not, these two works together at different levels.

Creating a Positive Mindset.jpg

With a positive mindset, your mind and your physical environment must strike a balance where both are at 100%.

The Physical Environment

Developing a positive mindset while your immediate environment is negative is unquestionably impossible. Your physical environment comes first and the moment you start changing this and improving the gaps and spaces around you, your mindset will slowly shift and begin to change. The changes referred to here can be tough and huge. However, the end of it all is worthy.

  • The People – You are the product of the people you spend time with. Toxic people can literally poison your life and in the first opportunity you get, you should change them with others who make up for your weaknesses and who you complement their strengthens.
  • Your Surroundings – Change your surroundings so that they can motivate and inspire you. Write your goals in conspicuous places, come up with a vision board, and ensure clean surroundings always.

The Mind

Working the mind towards a positive mindset requires that you check on your positive habits and orientate your subconscious mind towards your goals. Creating a positive habit takes time, but it begins with the first step. Because it did not start with a bang, it cannot end with a bang, it has to be gradual.

Your mindset should be wired for success through a lot of consistency and repetition. Your habits should feed your subconscious mind. Remember, thoughts become things! With time, you will sit back and admire how automated you are towards success through a positive mindset.

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