Activating Your Potential Through the Power of Envisioning

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In his book ‘Big Potential’, Shawn Achor explains that goals are indeed moving targets and not destinations. Generally, there is a problem in the way people view potential. It is not a solitary journey that falls squarely on your shoulders, rather a collective effort in which the contribution of others counts.

Success cannot be found in a vacuum. In the first 22 years or so of our lives, we are often judged and praised for our personal efforts and attributes. However, after that till the end of our lives, our success is interconnected with that of other people around us.

Big Potential and How We Can Achieve It

The extent of what you can achieve relies on a virtuous cycle where one instance of success provides the resources for the next stage of success in a spiral fashion.

Attract and Help People Achieve their Goals

People around you can be the greatest resource as you impact their lives in return. When you become a people magnet and help others channel their energy towards their potential, you will also become a beneficiary of the collective energy. This will provide you the assistance and the momentum you need to reach your goals.

Inspire a Shared Vision in Others

You should share a similar vision with the people you pull toward your circle. One of the best ways to draw in people you are walking with towards a shared goal is by the power of storytelling. Incentivize them with stories of positive results of things yet to materialize.

Visualize Your Entire Trajectory

The key to winning in anything lies in visualization. You must follow through from where you are, the trajectory you want to take until you get to the final destination.

“Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blue print, and begin to build.” – Robert Collier

If you do not visualize at a personal level or you have a vague picture of where you are headed, you cannot connect with and motivate others.

Write Your Narrative

A well-studied and effective way to envision your future vividly is to write down something about it. When you craft your narrative of an event either future or past, your energies direct towards it.

Write dopwn your goals.png

Writing about goals you want to achieve at a personal level creates some sort of screenplay in which your best possible future is starring.    

Envisioning techniques help in sustaining short-term gains and make our efforts have a lasting impact on the conceived future. When you envision a disastrous road ahead, you rob yourself of the energy and multiply your fears which in the end create nothing, but a mental block.

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