Anyone Who Tells You The Keys to Happiness Are Easy to Get is Wrong.

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The challenges of personal growth are something every human being encounters on their path.

It’s a path filled with pitfalls, potholes, and all manner of stuff just itching for you to get your foot stuck in it and begin to stumble and fall.

Let’s be honest, between parental guidance and societal preparation through school, we usually find ourselves severely under prepared to deal with questions of mental health, emotional intelligence, and how to find the keys to happiness.

The fantastic Mel Robbins said during her presentation at the TedxSan Francisco conference that to get what you want is simple, but not easy.

Now, one could say that what everyone wants is to be happy - each in their own subjective way - and if we take Mel’s point of view then we recognize that becoming happy is simple.

But for the majority of the world, it most definitely is not easy.

While I can hear many “Positivity Gurus” and “Influencers” reeling in shock as if struck, the fact of the matter is that becoming happy is a war inside of a maze where the constant barrage of artillery fire called emotions wreak havoc upon the battlefield.

This war is filled with many interesting figures that you could consider the combatants of the battlefield; you have your habits, your addictions, your faith - or lack thereof, your indoctrinated social norms, your traits, everything.

Everything that has an affect on your identity is a factor in this war.

And you’re the lone soldier that’s been witness to this war from the very moment it started.

Now, you want this war to end, you want to see your inner world in harmony, but before you can achieve that, you need to have the keys to happiness.

Where do you find these supposed keys to happiness?

Well, as cliche as it sounds, all the vital components to consistent and meaningful happiness exist within yourself in that same battlefield you’ve been crawling through practically all your life.

There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.
— Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings

You see, humans play this fucked up game with themselves called “Hide Your Potential”, and it’s done through all the wondrous, questionable acts we do, like harming our health with completely useless substances like Tobacco!

A friend of mine smoked for six years of his life, beginning in his mid-late teens. As a now former smoker, he realized the habit of smoking is completely useless to have.

There’s literally no logical reason to smoke.

But that’s just it, when you combine

  1. A philosophically poor society that teaches you social norms that don’t fully align with the amazing flexibility of human identity.

  2. A very easy method of rebelling and exploring through the use of substances without regard to the long-term effects.

  3. The influential power of the internet, which can be detrimental to vulnerable individuals if they connect with a harmful message.

And you’ve got the perfect concoction to bury human potential and internally cultivated happiness in a myriad negative thoughts, long-term consequences for short-term satisfaction, and an attitude that is devoid of self-love!

Welcome to Perpetual Unhappiness!

But this isn’t meant to drive the stake deeper and push the notion that there’s no hope.

No, quite the opposite in fact. All that potential, all that self-love, it still exists within you, and two things that you can do to bring all that out is:


This point can’t be emphasized enough, goals are how you track and measure success. Though don’t go setting vague or unrealistic goals.

If you need a rule of thumb, you can use SMART.


In the start you’ll want to just have a few small daily goals. It could be as simple as making sure you don’t have any clothes laying on the floor.

You could then build upon that by taking it to the next step, folding up your laundry.

If you find yourself struggling to accomplish that regularly, that’s okay. Take a step back, find where you stand, and start building from there.

The point is to go to sleep at night knowing you’ve accomplished some personal goals, this feeling ties into the power of positive thinking because you’ll have the chance to say to yourself “Hey, at least I managed to do that one thing I set out to do today.”

It may not seem like much, but that feeling will be a core part of the foundation to a better life.

  • Learn to Detach from Yourself
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You need to build the habit of self analyzing - not self berating - which basically means that you can take a look at your thoughts and emotions as if from an outside perspective.

This isn’t easy and it takes time, but it is easy to get into, the only real factor you will struggle with in the beginning is remembering to self-analyze.

This will help you separate the good habits from the bad, the excuses you’ve been telling yourself from the truths of reality, all of which will give you proper footing to start building yourself up.

Growing never stops, but depending on what you’re doing in the 24 hours that all of us have each day, you may or may not be wasting the only real currency we all have; time.

Achieving what you want is a more addicting feeling than any drug, and the lovely thing about it is that it’s good for you!

Yes, that first part of the journey to fulfillment is gonna be a struggle, but in the immortal words of Bob Kelso, “Nothing in this life worth having is easy to get.”

If you gained the body you wanted without working for it, you wouldn’t appreciate it.

If you got the job you wanted without actually working for it, you wouldn’t appreciate it.

Take the time to work on yourself just like a marble sculptor working meticulously and painstakingly to chisel out the incomplete areas and sand down the rough edges, you need to work on yourself piece by piece, destroying the bad habits and cultivating the good ones.

Just like we say in so many of our articles, starting from the very first one, You Are Not Helpless. So take the time to do right by yourself, and even if you need to help there’s always those out there that will help you.

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