Dwelling on Past Mistakes - How to Break the Pattern and Take Control of Your Life

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It is one thing to make a mistake and another to overthink, dwell, or become obsessed with past events. If you do not get over past mistakes, your brain brands those incidences and keeps reminding you of those missed opportunities, deadlines, and so forth.

Psychologists refer to the phenomenal where your mind gets fixated on past events especially the undesirable ones as illumination. Your attention in compulsively focused on the symptoms of your distress and the possible causes and consequences than the solutions.

 Ruminative thinking may lead to depression and habits such as self-harm, binge drinking, and binge eating. Below are possible ways to break this pattern and reclaim control over your life.

Editing Your Thoughts

When you notice yourself sliding into rumination, imagine a mental stop sign and shift your attention somewhere else or to another thing altogether. Ensure the other task you embark on is very neutral and one that doesn’t lead you back into negative dwelling.


Structure Your Fixation

Contemplating your past disappointments, hurts, and embarrassments can make your thoughts wander. One of the strategies that you can utilize is to write down pros and cons of the event you are contemplating on. This will help you think through past disappointments practically instead of degenerating into self-blame

Let Go

Self-compassion is the best therapy to living happily, fully, and productively. Letting go of past mistakes releases you into today’s opportunities. Reassure yourself with positive words as these are key in building your confidence and easing your anxiety. Undesirable past experiences can significantly affect your current productivity.


Mind the Present

Making mistakes is part of being human. Such incidences may be followed by feelings of anger, sadness, and shame. However, being mindful of such feelings is the first step to alleviating personal distress.

“All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.”
― Martha Graham

Thinking of the present and intentionally letting go of the past puts you in a space where your stress levels reduce and chances of depression diminished.

There you go! Try out the above suggestions before looking anywhere else and you can be assured of a healthy start to a winning trajectory.

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