How to Build Your Personal Brand Block by Block


Personal branding is the summation of what you do, why you do it, and how you do it. It is so authentic and inherent that you cannot simply fake it. According to Jeff Bezos, Amazon Chairman and CEO, your brand is what people say about you in your absence.

Getting your personal branding right puts you at the forefront of the crowd and enhances your value. The energy and buzz that you radiate will draw others towards you.

How to Build Your Personal Brand

The mistake most people make is to think of a personal brand as their work experience or accomplishments. On the contrary, it is not about you, but other people and what you do for them. The following are some steps to start you off in this journey.

“If you don’t build a personal brand, someone else will brand you with the wrong label.”
― Richie Norton

Discover the Needs Around You

Having passion is good, but not enough. It is not automatic that it translates into success and recognition. The best approach is to study the opportunities around you and what others are trying to achieve or struggling with.

Thereafter, think on how you can help especially the value you bring to the table. Don’t lose sight of your competition, look at what they do and make your solution distinctive and noteworthy.

Understand the Audience

Every intervention begins with the audience. Get to know as much as you can about their attributes which may include things such as the much they earn, the jobs they do, and where they live. Knowing their value systems and beliefs and the challenges they face can also help you.

Don’t try to appeal to everyone, but just your core audience. If need be, set up appointments or Skype calls with them to understand what drives them.

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Craft Your Elevator Pitch

Your pitch must be summarized and memorable. Here, you tell your audience what you do and how different you are from the rest. Don’t baggage them with your personal story. The message should serve to connect you with your audience.

In case you have testimonials, extract from them the things that people spoke about you. These are the phrases that you should precisely include when crafting your pitch.

Sharpen Your Uniqueness

If there is something you can do better than others, that is your unique selling point. Demonstrating your uniqueness sets you apart from the crowd and gives you leverage in a competitive market.

Even if it means being controversial in order to standout, don’t be afraid. However, stay away from sensitive topics such as politics and religion because they may cause offence.

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