Learn How to Find Happiness And You'll Experience a Complete Life Change

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Finding happiness is a worthwhile goal, don’t you agree?

There’s a lot of great things to gain by being happy; it makes us more productive, lowers production levels of the stress hormone cortisol, boosts your immune system, increases life-span; like we said, plenty to gain out of achieving happiness.

But if there’s so much that’s great about being happy, why isn’t reaching it more emphasized in our lives?

Why don’t all schools teach students how to become happy if it will positively impact their lives and give them a better foundation?

Why don’t all workplaces focus on making their employees happy if it will boost productivity?

Why is there still so much human suffering caused by armed conflict in multiple regions around the world if happiness leads to more productive and healthy human beings?

The answer to all these questions is actually quite simple; it’s because how we look at happiness is wrong.

We’re talking right down to the very fundamentals of happiness, there’s so much that is either not explained or is just framed in the wrong way that has led to our current skewed view of how to achieve happiness.

Let’s go over them, shall we?

Happiness Is Not Found, It Is Created.

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Happiness is a pretty special emotion; it’s the most sought-after feeling for humans, but it’s also a habit and that second part that makes it really unique as a feeling.

In comparison to the emotion of sadness, one could argue that it’s way easier to be sad than it is to be happy.

Now there’s a reason for this, and I think most of you will agree with the notion that it’s easier for a human being to get caught up in negative emotions than positive ones, this is called negativity bias.

So when you understand that you’re more easily influenced by negative emotions - and could even be predisposed to them due to your genetics - mixed with the concept of happiness that society cultivated that it’s something you reach, that it’s out there at the end of the path you choose, and you begin to realize why so many struggle with learning how to become happy.

All of this feeds into the biggest misconceptions about how to achieve happiness, but the truth you need to know is that:

Happiness is not a destination; you don’t get sustainable, long-term happiness by purchasing a car, that only gives short-term pleasure and satisfaction, but once your new car has been around for a while, you won’t be excited about it, you won’t feel the same giddiness that you had at the start.

Your happiness should never be tied to another person (not completely), material item, or a job; all of these things are limited, fleeting. A relationship can end, items can be broken or stolen, and a job won’t last forever.

Happiness is a developed mindset; while it’s easy to get swept up by negative emotions, being consistently happy is more difficult - at least at the start - because it is something you have to create for yourself.

A perfect example is changing how you view bad events in your life. If you look at everything bad that happens to you as a learning experience, you’ll be able to feel gratitude towards those unhappy events.

You’ll tell yourself you’re thankful you endured such pain because it made you stronger. This is a fantastic way to develop that happiness mindset because it allows you to never get tied down by the bad moments in life.

You stop feeling like a victim, you stop asking yourself “Why me?”, and start taking charge of your life because you don’t get knocked down by the unhappy events anymore.

Source: https://sploid.gizmodo.com/happiness-is-a-difficult-thing-to-measure-due-to-his-su-1602883555?

Source: https://sploid.gizmodo.com/happiness-is-a-difficult-thing-to-measure-due-to-his-su-1602883555?


Happiness Is A Reflection Of Your Self-Talk

We already said that your reality is subjective, and the story you create for yourself of the world around you is 100% dependent on your thoughts about the world.

Happiness is no different; if you take the time to think about what you’re grateful for every day, that translates to a self-talk that focuses on things that you’re happy about.

Since your self-talk is the habit of what you focus on in your subjective reality, and happiness is a habit that has to be developed, the two go hand-in-hand in the grand scheme of ‘finding’ happiness.

As you tell yourself inspiring and positive messages, you’ll be boosting your happiness habit and tuning your self-talk to healthier messages.

So that’s the other important factor of happiness you need to understand; how you think impacts how happy you can be.

Two Actions To Avoid To Become Happy

Tying all your happiness to anything outside yourself:

I know we mentioned this earlier, but it deserves repeating because this is the most common mistake humans make when it comes to achieving happiness.

It doesn’t matter how much love there is between you and your significant other, nor does it matter how much joy you get from your favorite console; having your source of happiness be completely outside of yourself is stupid and sets you up for an inevitable fall.

Betrayal and tragedy are two of the simplest reasons why you shouldn’t put all your happiness into another person because if one of those two things happen, your foundation of happiness will be swept right from under you.

Waiting for the ‘right moment’ to improve your life:

Mel Robbins’ said it best; “Stop waiting to feel like it because...!”

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Being productive in your own life is one of the easiest ways to develop more happiness for yourself, but the problem is if you think there is a right time to begin that self-productivity.

There isn’t a best time, there isn’t a right moment, just like your happiness, you have to create your productive mindset.

You need to learn to detach your ability to be productive from your emotions. Your mindset towards your goals shouldn’t be impacted by your negative emotions.

If you’re feeling down, don’t let that be the excuse that keeps you from going to the gym and working on yourself.

If you’re feeling excited, don’t let that be a reason to shirk off your daily goals for something that will only provide temporary satisfaction.

Imagine you’ve been dieting for a while and just checked the scale, and you see you’ve dropped 5 kilos. You’re super excited and happy with your progress!

So then you listen to that voice that tells you; ‘You deserve a treat!’ and go get yourself some of your favorite junk food.

This is the one step forward, two steps back scenario, and it’s another of the most common reasons people have trouble creating consistent happiness for themselves.

But it's like we always say; You Are Not Helpless. You can get up and change your life for the better if you, and if you need help, that's okay!

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