Reverse Bucket List – Recreating Your Memories to Power Your Future

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Depending on your lifestyle and ambitions, you may have a pretty intense bucket list of sites to see, places to go to, or events to attend. Bucket lists can serve as an inspirational tool to push you towards action but can also be overwhelming.

At times, they create what is known as a bucket list anxiety where you fill you have so much left to accomplish. What most people have not seriously explored are the possibilities of having a reverse bucket list.

A reverse bucket list involves writing down your accomplishments and the achievements you are proud of. It is the opposite of a bucket list.

Why Create a Reverse Bucket List?

There isn’t much research on the benefits of a reverse bucket list, but the entire exercise helps you to tap into attributes such:

  • Gratitude – This is the appreciation of what you have at any one given moment including things you have done and experienced in the past. Grateful recounting can enhance your wellbeing.
  • Power of Nostalgia – Revisiting past meaningful or positive experiences can help you counteract anxiety, boredom, and loneliness. A reverse bucket list creates a nostalgia ply list of your greatest memories and hits.
  • Sense of Progress – Things you have accomplished are proof that you are progressing. This can in turn motivate you and boost your self-esteem.

How to Create a Reverse Bucket List

Creating a reverse bucket list is very simple. All you have to do is to write down all your past accomplishments particularly those you are proud of. The number of achievements is up to you, but 10 to 15 of your strongest memories can start you off.

This is the time you can tap into social media and just scrawl through your timeline for reminders on events you did or experienced that boost your morale.


Family and close friends can also help you remember some of your proudest moments. This is because we tend to forget some of the things we did because our focus is so much on what we have not done.

When creating your reverse bucket list, alternate the big and small accomplishments. This helps in appreciating both the seemingly significant together with those that may not look like great achievements.

After your reverse bucket list is done, place it next to your original bucket list. This will help counteract it and prove to you that you have no reason at all to be anxious. Reverse bucket lists help us to look back with pride and satisfaction.

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