Self-Leadership -The Best Approach to Leading Others

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Leadership is a journey and most of the time on a lonely road. To keep yourself motivated, inspired, and energized, you need to lead yourself with your devotion, purpose, and heart. You will be surprised to learn that the greatest truths do not lie in the study of planets and stars, but rather lie deep within us in the complexity and magnificence of our mind, heart, and soul.

Self-leadership is anchored on key dimensions that you can master and grow yourself to be a true, authentic leader.

Leading with the Head and Following by Heart

The heart is the center of the human self where things come together; values, intellect, and the will. It is the source of your integrity and for you to lead from the heart, you need courage. The heart encases the energy that carries you through adversities and the key drivers to winning.

On the other hand, your head has logical, rational, and ordered capabilities that are manifested in managerial functions and the tools you use. Blending your heart and your head gives you great leadership.

“How we lead ourselves in life impacts how we lead those around us.”
― Michael Hyatt

Leading with Purpose

Purpose can be likened to an untapped reservoir from which leaders can draw resources to help them unleash their potential. For the organization you are leading to be successful, you must know yourself first.

Taking time to reflect on your inner compass and the direction it is pointing is very important. Always think about what you do, why you do it, and the process you take in accomplishing it. When you point in the right direction, the people you are leading will not struggle to follow you confidently.

Purposeful leadership gives rise to a visionary organization that understands its mission and the values that hold it together. You can use purpose as a tool to rally people for a common cause.



This is about staying the course of your life journey. Successful people work harder because they understand that there can’t be any substitute for hard work. Executives and successful sportsmen have well-documented lifestyles as early risers who work towards a goal.

Devotion at a personal level begins with the right effort, the right mindfulness, and the right concentration. Mindfulness observes and guides the mind in the journey ahead while concentration brings on your thoughts and actions wholesomely.

Personal devotion is capable of putting many things under your control including the people that you are leading. For this reason, the phrase lead by example will continue becoming popular. 

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