Self-Sabotaging Habits, Their Effects and How to Avoid Them

The stumbles and falls that we experience at certain points in our lives may not be due to external forces, but our own making. While some mistakes are unavoidable, there are other blunders that are purely the result of our own inflexibility, rashness, laziness, or plain arrogance.

Insecure people blame others when plans go awry. On the other hand, thoughtful people own their mistakes and learn from them. However, to get to the point of ownership, you need honest self-appraisal and introspection.

Many times what we perceive as an error or failure is actually a gift. And eventually we find that lessons learned from that discouraging experience prove to be of great worth.
Richelle E. Goodrich

With sufficient practice, you can begin recognizing your thought patterns and gradually change them before they turn into bad behaviors. The following are some of the steps you can take to avert self-sabotaging habits.

Embrace Risks and Challenges

There is a tendency to settle into a routine when you have achieved a certain level of success. Such comfort is usually limiting and short term.


Successful people keep on pushing the limits and redefining boundaries. Don’t fear failure but learn from it and take on bigger and riskier challenges.

Don’t Succumb to Distractions

Endless distractions can limit your productivity and sink your time. Do not let ups, social media, and viral videos take your precious time. Work with deadlines and reward yourself for every accomplished goal. Limit your access to distractions and see your success curve go up.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

The hyper-competitive society we live in can batter and bruise even the toughest egos. Comparisons with what your competitor is doing and basing your success as per other people’s standards can exacerbate the degree of damage. Instead, tune out the outside world and set your focus on self-improvement that seeks to beat the yesterday’s version of yourself.


To add to the above, work towards relinquishing past mistakes. Mistakes are part of the learning process and when they do happen, do not be hard on yourself. Tune out the inherent negative self-talk and move on!

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