The Importance of Mentorship and Why You Need One


Mentors play a critical role in extending visions and enabling proteges to attain greater heights. The counsel and resources mentors provide are usually valuable and not easily accessible. In the journey of life, you cannot achieve all you desire on your own without the support of a mentor.

The value of mentorship extends beyond oneself. You get insight, help, and feedback to improve your career and life. Look for mentors who are interested in your success and have your best interest at heart. The following are some of the benefits you can reap from quality mentorship.

Coaching and Change Preparation

Success is not just about working hard but also working smart. Mentors coach you and prepare you for that much-needed change in your life to attain your goals. They coach you on people, processes, relationships, strategies, and opportunities. Through their wise counsel, great mentors help you in becoming smarter.

“Mentorship happens organically, and you can’t just force it. Many [people] don’t even know HOW to mentor, and often mentor others by accident. It’s not a mentor’s responsibility to mentor, it’s the responsibility of the mentee to seek mentorship and appropriate it.”
― Josh Hatcher


Everyone has a vision or a sense of it. However, fewer people live every day in pursuit of their vision. Mentors come into fine tune as well as transform your vision. They give you insights, thoughts, and ideas that expand your sphere of influence and enable you to see beyond. By amplifying your vision, mentors elevate your thinking capabilities.


In the journey of life, you are bound to go through some missteps. Mentors nurture and protect their proteges from exposure prematurely. They give you insights on how to navigate your way through organizations, making sound business decisions, and optimizing your engagements.

Through their counsel, missteps that could have otherwise derailed your success, are put at bay. They minimize your chances of ending up in pits.


Offer Useful Advice

Mentors are experienced people who use their unique perspective and stories to paint pictures of possibilities. They use their actions and words to support you. As a matter of fact, they can build you up to more than you thought possible.

They don’t give up on you, instead, their interest grows the more they interact with you. They always encourage you and purposefully engage with you to bring your vision to a reality.

When choosing mentors, you should first take a look at your life and segment it. Try and find a mentor for every section of your life from spiritual, finances, physical, career, etc. In this way, you will have a great balance of mentors who are qualified to lead you in their areas of expertise.

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