The Most Important Subject They Don't Teach in School Anymore

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In order to have influence, you should learn how to speak and write well as well as be persuasive. Rhetoric is the field of study that makes all this possible. You learn how to compose writings and successful presentations.

For students, rhetoric trains you on the essential skills you need in advanced learning and education. There are lots of benefits students can glean from rhetoric classes amongst them the ability to think logically, discover weak and strong arguments, and to build a good case on any topic of discussion.

Why Rhetoric is So Crucial

Whether you are bargaining with a sales person for a lower price, negotiating for a raise in salary, or you are giving a presentation before a group, rhetoric is what you need.


Makes You Productive

Rhetoric enables you to convince your audience by giving you the tools you need to motivate them and change their mindset. Mastering rhetoric makes it easier to appeal to their reason, emotions, and present yourself before them as an expert.

“since we are most strongly convinced when we suppose anything to have been demonstrated; that rhetorical demonstration is an enthymeme,”
― Aristotle, Rhetoric

With rhetoric, you will take an interest in your circle of influence, study their dreams, desires, and life philosophy and this will ultimately endear you to them.

Enhances Your Influence

In any field of study or work, knowing how to persuade can make a huge difference. Some of the best and greatest leaders in business and politics are keen students of rhetoric.

To have the greatest influence, master rhetoric and be virtuous. The reason these two go together is that rhetoric will create a path for you to the top and virtue will ensure that you deliver.

It is the Language of Life

It doesn’t matter how much you try to avoid rhetoric, it bombards you lots of times daily. At one end, it could be marketers selling you widgets and on the other politicians convincing you to elect them.

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In one way or another, rhetoric is being applied to persuade you to do something. For this reason, it helps a great deal to learn rhetoric if not for anything, to know how to respond when put in that tight spot.

Because it is not taught much in school, it will take your own initiative to study rhetoric. It is a vast subject but it has lots of texts you can interact with and build your knowledge base.

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