The Three Foundational Components of Personal Development

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The whole essence of life is to create skills and value that you take to the marketplace with an expectation of a return to you. Personal development gurus hold that if you work hard on yourself more than you do on your job, you will be happier and wealthier.

What you become is more important than what you earn or get. Therefore, instead of asking what you are getting out of something, change tact and ask what you are becoming. Most if not all that you have today came to you because you took the first step to become the person you are.

New habits require effort to form, but the bottom line is they can be developed. When you develop momentum in a given direction, changing is a little difficult, but it is possible. The following three areas are foundational to personal development.


Human beings are unique and have spiritual qualities that set them apart from other forms of creation. To set your personal development on the right course, be a good student on the spiritual side of nature. Read and assimilate as much as you can to develop your spiritual personality.


The mind and the body work in tandem to help you achieve an objective. Ensure you take extremely good care of your body just as you would a temple. Remember, the body is the only dwelling you live in currently and it is part of your marketplace success.

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Take care of your nutrition by getting as much information as you can, decide for yourself a good health plan, and work on your physical appearance to attain confidence. Be conscious of yourself, but don’t overdo it and spill over to self-consciousness.


The mind is a crucial component of your personal development. Developing good study habits, good thinking habits, pursuing ideas, and stretching your mind can make you outstanding in the marketplace.

It is almost impossible to live on mental candy alone, you have to stretch your mind so that it can take in the full range of mental food for growth. If you are willing to tackle difficult subjects which others allow to slide by, you will have an extraordinary edge in the society.

Some people may skip literature and poetry and other things that seem difficult to attack. The trend is such that if you always back away from something that proves difficult from the beginning, you leave yourself weaker. Don’t be afraid to engage heavyweight issues.

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