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  • The Startup Factory 1416 Churchill Executive Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (map)

Are you ready to journey into your subconscious mind and learn how to delete negative beliefs, heal core wounds, and resolve traumas?

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Do you know how to remove the resistance, blocks, and barriers that inevitably show up in your life?

If you answered NO then this training is for you!

This 2 day intensive training is set to teach you how to banish your old beliefs, blocks, and upsets. It is easy-to-learn, effective, and enjoyable. It adds depth and power to every area of life because you can create real, immediate change in your life immediately.

When you clear a belief, there’s a palpable shift in your feelings and attitude. Resistance disappears, and motivation soars. Doubts, hesitancy, and self-criticism fade away. Self-esteem and personal power expand. You are more able to handle difficult situations in your life, more easily and naturally.

I believe it is everyone’s BIRTHRIGHT to know how to journey into their subconscious mind and delete limiting beliefs, heal core wounds and resolve their own trauma.
— Hiba Balfaqih

The Clear Your Mental Blocks Program allows you to learn how to…

  • Clear whatever stops you from taking action

  • Release the pain and hurts from the past

  • Open to deeper, more profound love

  • Recognize your true spiritual nature

  • Become calmer and less reactive

  • Rediscover the source of your personal power

  • Open yourself to new possibilities of success

  • Eliminate blocks and barriers easily

  • Discover your true purpose

  • Express your true magnificence